Hired a band and need speakers, monitors, microphones, lights, etc.?

No Problem!

Having a press conference and need local and ready for broadcast audio?


Bringing in a keynote speaker and want every guest to hear every word?

That's my minimum standard

Want to pump up the energy at your sporting event with booming sound and bright lights?

Tell me more!

If there's a crowd, you need live sound reinforcement.

If it's dark and you want to be seen or create an ambiance, you need lighting.

Most of all, you need someone who knows how to set up and operate this equipment. 


Hiring AJP Audio Services means paying for peace of mind that Andrew will do everything he can to make sure these technical aspects of your event are both high quality and problem free so you can focus on the rest of your event.

If you are planning an event, CONTACT me now and we can chat about how I can help!