Although AJP Audio Services Ltd. was officially created in 2019, Andrew Pottie has been providing professional service and quality within the Wood Buffalo region since 2014. He quickly became the go-to live audio engineer for several local bands at various venues throughout the city.

Andrew began branching out to provide audio, lighting, and DJ services for all sorts of events including private parties, weddings, conferences, press releases, festivals, sporting events, fundraisers, and many other events requiring audio and lighting services.

In addition to live events, Andrew has a passion for audio recording. He has worked with several artists in the region providing engineering, mixing and mastering services for music recordings of varying genres. He has worked on the audio  for training videos, commercial advertisements, political campaign ads, and more.

Andrew has been very active within the community since arriving in Fort McMurray.  He has been nominated three times for Arts Council Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards and was one of the 2019 recipients of the YMM Magazine Top 50 Under 50 awards. Andrew founded and organizes the Tavern Tributes concert series and has worked with several touring artists for their stops in Fort McMurray.

By hiring AJP Audio Services, you are paying for peace of mind and the confidence that Andrew will do everything possible to make sure every word from the MC is understood, every guitar solo is heard, the character of your art is captured, and the message from your keynote speaker is received by all.